12 Types of Content to include in your Membership Site – Part 1

Are you thinking about a membership website? What kind of content do you need to include?

You should think of your membership website as a value exchange.

As long as you keep adding benefits to your members with content, resources, and value in your product – your tribe will keep supporting you in continued subscription payments.

Let’s chat about what types of content to include in your membership site to ensure you have kept up your side of the deal.

Here are the first 7 to consider;

Online Courses
These are the most common elements you will find on most membership sites, from short tutorials, advice, or to more extended programs spanning weeks. Continuing to update and teach your community will give them something to come back to.

Live Webinars
If you have no courses in place or plan to do one. You can create content by including live webinars for your tribe to tune into weekly or monthly. These also provide a great way to start a discussion amongst subscribers and give you ideas for future content.

Member calls
Another form of live interaction is through a member or Q&A call. These are more focused on your community of subscribers as it is their platform to ask any questions. The format can differ depending on the topic. I did an Instagram course last year, and I will often pop onto her weekly Q&A to get some ideas or feedback from other subscribers. Her call lasts an hour, and the subscribers can ask anything they want regarding the course, no specific topic.

Content Archives
I think this is an important one; I often cannot attend Q&A’s or Webinars live, so I rely on getting the recording to listen to when I have an hour or so to spare. This is another way for you to add content.

Community Forum
Community or tribe is vital on these websites. You want your subscribers to feel part of something and continue to return. There should always be a place for the community to add comments in a discussion section or formal forum set up.

I love this part of any membership website; I am a real junkie for workbooks or tools to use. It can either be worksheets to work through a program, an online tool for a particular activity, etc. It is always fabulous when I am doing a course that I have access to a selection of resources I didn’t have to create from scratch. These downloads can also be used as freebies in your email marketing.

Member Perks
You can have the best content, training material, and community, but the value is a perception. If your members feel that they are getting deals for their hard-earned dollars, they will continue to subscribe. So offers, discounts, and perks need to be top of mind. They will also refer you to friends and family if they feel that value.

There you go, some great ideas to start adding to the planning phase of your membership site. Chat with me if you need help with creating your membership site, I can assist with the creation and implementation.

Part 2, with the final 5 types of content, coming soon!

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