Do I really need a website?

The simple answer is yes! But let’s chat more about the different approaches you could take as a business owner; A website with all the bells and whistles, but you have not gone live yet, cos it is not complete.Your website is a ‘living’ thing; it’s never going to be fully complete; it should andContinue reading “Do I really need a website?”

12 Types of Content to include in your Membership site – Part 2

Part 2 of my previous post on types of content to include in your membership site. Here are the last 5 to consider; Stand Alone ContentNot every piece of membership content needs to be a full course or a live session. Blogs, tutorials, how-to’s, or “mini-courses” are very valuable to your community. This works particularlyContinue reading “12 Types of Content to include in your Membership site – Part 2”

12 Types of Content to include in your Membership Site – Part 1

Are you thinking about a membership website? What kind of content do you need to include? You should think of your membership website as a value exchange. As long as you keep adding benefits to your members with content, resources, and value in your product – your tribe will keep supporting you in continued subscriptionContinue reading “12 Types of Content to include in your Membership Site – Part 1”

5 Email marketing trends for 2021

So what are the emerging or already been in place for a while … trends for 2021? Email continues to be the most effective online marketing tool.As the pandemic has changed our way of life in so many ways, email marketing just became even more trendy rolling in 2021. Email sending volume increased by 20%Continue reading “5 Email marketing trends for 2021”

How to Determine When to Use JPGs vs. PNGs for your website

If you are not a graphic designer, like me, when you see all these different digital photo options, it can be confusing on what to use when?! Cos apparently, it makes a difference. JPEGs tend to have a smaller file size and load faster than PNG. However, every time you save a JPEG, it losesContinue reading “How to Determine When to Use JPGs vs. PNGs for your website”

Sales Funnel or Landing Page, what is the difference!?

Definitions of tech-savvy jargon can be very overwhelming, and there are often many opinions. Instead, it would be best to look at the terms’ definitions and then decide which one is best for your business at each stage. You can add or remove these as your business grows. What is the difference between a salesContinue reading “Sales Funnel or Landing Page, what is the difference!?”

Three Best Practices when using Canva

I love playing around in Canva, and it can make you look super design-savvy, even if that is not your strongest talent. Today’s 3 best practice tips for using Canva … ✨ Is it worth upgrading to Canva Pro? I would have to say yes! I love the fact that I can access certain tricks,Continue reading “Three Best Practices when using Canva”

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