Do I really need a website?

The simple answer is yes!

But let’s chat more about the different approaches you could take as a business owner;

A website with all the bells and whistles, but you have not gone live yet, cos it is not complete.
Your website is a ‘living’ thing; it’s never going to be fully complete; it should and will always be evolving. Don’t stress too much about having everything prepared before you launch your site. I work on my website all the time, change my mind about look and feel or adding new services, etc. As long as you have at least one page for customers to land on, the other pages could easily be ‘coming soon.’ Don’t use this as an excuse not to move forward; just go live!

Your website is live, but you haven’t had the time to update or maintain it.
As it says above, it is a ‘living’ thing and needs to be nurtured. There is always something to fix, add or change to make it more consumer-friendly. If you feel overwhelmed with keeping on top of this task, it is super easy to find a VA or Business Support person to keep it fresh. Don’t allow it to get stale; this is your storefront and represents you.

You don’t have a website as you rely on social media to get your product or services out to market.
Digital marketing is advertising delivered through digital channels, including search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. Some of the different avenues tie into each other; email marketing, for instance, is one of the most important ways to communicate with your tribe, but it cannot be used if there is no where for your consumer to go to view your product/services or add their details for your database. You don’t have to create a website to do this; it can simply be a one-page landing page. It is not overwhelming to create but essential for the success of your business.

So take the leap, it will be ok!

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