12 Types of Content to include in your Membership site – Part 2

Part 2 of my previous post on types of content to include in your membership site.

Here are the last 5 to consider;

Stand Alone Content
Not every piece of membership content needs to be a full course or a live session. Blogs, tutorials, how-to’s, or “mini-courses” are very valuable to your community. This works particularly well for short subjects or something new on the market.

I love cheat sheets or checklists; there is no better feeling during a busy day to tick off the items on your task list. So if you have a course that allows for these, they are a great addition to your site.

Workbooks and action plans
The theory of any course is essential, and most students, including myself, are excited when they are in the moment. But without any action plan or workbook to work through, the theory they learned goes nowhere. This type of content just cements the learning even further.

Member news
Membership content doesn’t have to be courses and community – a day to day content is an often overlooked area. Regularly reporting the latest news from your membership – keeping people up to date on new content additions and development to your membership, rounding up the hottest community discussions, letting members know what’s on the horizon, and shining the spotlight on member successes are all worth doing.

I have been part of a few beta groups when a course is being created, and one of the types of content I always suggest is testimonials or interviews of those in the know. It allows for the subject matter to become more real, and successes and pitfalls can be highlighted.

The most successful membership sites have a mix of the content I have highlighted over the last two posts.

It can be tricky to balance the right between offering enough variety and not overwhelming people with too much content, but it is worth taking the time to think about it. 

The key is to focus on the problem you’re solving and identify the best way to deliver the solution – then you are off to the races.

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